What are Polymers?

Polymers are substances the molecules of which are composed of repeating structural units (monomers) joined by covalent chemical bonds.
Depending on application, polymers are grouped into plastics, elastomers and fibres.
The manufacture and consumption of polymers has been growing rapidly, since polymers possess a variety of mechanical, physical and technological properties, some of which are unique.


Polymers have better properties than other materials:

  • They are considerably lighter than metals or ceramics.
  • Some polymers resemble glass but are not fragile.
  • Some polymers have better weathering and chemical resistance than metals.
  • They are resistant to humidity, acids, alkali, saline solutions and even to hydrofluoric acid or fluorines.
  • They have higher gas and fluid permeability as compared to other materials, which is important for membrane manufacture.
  • Polymer waste recycling is easier and cheaper.
  • Production costs are lower.

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